June 18, 2014 tatakr

BRAVISSIMO.GE begins a fight against piracy (video)

On the 18th of June, Bravo Records hosted a press-conference where a license between Georgia’s copyright association and music Business Company Bravo Records subsidiary company, first licensed web-page of music and music products- bravissimo.ge, has been formed. This license is about paying the authors (composers, authors of lyrics and music publishers) an ascertained amount from Georgian and foreign music compositions that were sold on this web-page.

Founding the licensed music-entertainment portal BRAVISSIMO.GE on the digital market means the creation of the first legal alternative in the Georgian pirate internet space. This step will push the actions against piracy in the internet. Considering the Euro-integration of Georgia, Georgian author-performers express a united initiative of protecting their copyrights and adjacent rights. Bravo Records and Georgia’s copyright association is ready to protect the Georgian artists’ rights and suppress the illegal distribution of the copyright compositions.

Every side included in this process hopes that this initiative will have the support of State’s relevant authorities and government agencies will actively be included in the stated process.


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