November 3, 2016 tatakr

Sophie Villy Works on New Album at Bravo Records

Sophie Villy (Sopo Khutsishvili), talented Georgian singer and composer, who usually works in the USA and Ukraine, records the new album, which is the third one in her career. Dimitri Zinchenko, Ukrainian drummer and the member of the Sophie’s band visited Tbilisi to record his part at Bravo Records. The album titled – Planet A will involve 11 songs, including collaborations with Nika Machaidze and Gogi Dzodzuashvili and plus one song as a bonus. Presentation will be held in March of 2017 at the international level. Noteworthy, that Sophie Villy recorded several songs from the first (Mother Fish) and second (DRESS) albums at Bravo Records studio.


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