Zaza Shengelia

President of “Bravo Records”

Zaza Shengelia is the organizer of the first student rock festivals in Georgia during the “Iron Curtain” period of the West, which was unprecedented for Soviet Georgia over the course of 1970s-80s. In 1989, he personally met and interviewed his musical favorite, the legendary Stevie Wonder, in Warsaw. In the 90s, after the independence of Georgia, Zaza devoted his entire career to the development of the Georgian TV industry and music business.

Zaza Shengelia is a well-known person in the media society, as he is the founder of the first independent TV company in Georgia, “Ibervision”, and in 1994, the international television festival “Mana” was founded under his direct leadership. This gave many young TV journalists, working in Georgian TV space, the opportunity to show their talent. In 2000, Zaza Shengelia, together with his associates, created the TV company “Mze”. In 1999-2005, he was the head of the State TV-Radio Department of Georgia. Under his guidance, the State TV-Radio Corporation of Georgia was transformed into a public broadcaster, modeled after the BBC. At the same time, Public Broadcaster of Georgia became a true member of the Union of European Broadcasters. At the initiative of Zaza Shengelia, several musical projects were implemented in the Georgian television space as well as large-scale music and talent shows, and the first television music charts were created.

Over the years, Zaza was one of the founders of show business company Eastern Promotion and television studio TBC TV Studio. The latter, for decades, had been creating a wide range of entertainment, educational and documentary television programs for various Georgian television companies.

During his career, Zaza Shengelia collaborated with such stars as Ray Charles, Jay Kay from the Jamiroquai, Herbie Hancock, Joe Cocker, Joe Zavinuli, George Benson, James Brown, El Jero and others. All these famous musicians participated in Tbilisi international jazz festivals in different periods. In 2004, he interviewed his musical idol, Whitney Houston, in Moscow.

In the recent years, Zaza Shengelia was the chairman of the judges of the popular talent show “Star Academy” of “Rustavi 2” TV channel. Also, he was one of the national judges of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest. Together with the British music company Stephen Budd Management, Zaza organized a successful tour of the winning group Stephane+3G in 14 European countries, after which, for the first time in history, the Georgian group reached the sixth place in the MTV music charts.

Zaza Shengelia had dreamed of creating “Bravo Records” for 33 years. Currently, he holds the honorary position at the company and as a president together with other members of the team, actively works on the development of the Georgian music industry, managing the musical careers of young and well-known musicians-performers, protecting copyright and related rights, and perfecting the legislative framework of the music industry in Georgia.


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