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Conjoint project of band The Shin and Bravo Records (video)

A press-conference about the beginning of the conjoint project of Georgian fusion jazz band The Shin and Bravo Records was held in Bravo Records on the 11th of April. After 14year career in Germany band The Shin comes back to homeland where with other future plans they offer to Georgian audience a unique and innovative music project which, together with Bravo Records, will be published as a CD album and will be dedicated to the comeback to homeland.

On the tenth of December 2012, in the congress-hall of town Riga, group The Shin performed a new and very original project before Latvian audience.

The conception of Latvian project was built on those music projects which made a big influence on each member’s attitude towards music in general. So, practically, this music project is a kind of dedication to those musicians who conditioned the music ideology and credo of band The Shin members. That’s why the name of the project is an Extraordinary Exhibition. The project gathers the music motives of Giya Kancheli, Chick Corea, Joaquin Rodrigos, Mike Stern, Milles Davis and, of course, Georgian folklore. Together with Liepāja Symphony Orchestra, The Shin members offered these motives with a new interpretation to the Latvian listener. Project’s main part is dedicated to Giya Kancheli’s music themes, which expresses a big respect and appreciation by the group’s each member towards legendary Georgian maestro. Except Symphonic Orchestra, Latvian back-vocalists and Latvia’s modern ballet dancers also take part in the project

The project was so successful that Bravo Records and The Shin decided to publish this project as a CD album in Georgia.

Except publishing the album, project’s presentation is planned that will be presented as a concert by the Cultural Events Centre of Tbilisi. Concert will be dedicated to the Independence Day of Georgia and will be held on the 26th of May; Concert will be directed by David Doiashvili.

Unlike Latvian project, Tbilisi Symphonic Orchestra with Vakhtang Kakhidze’s guidance, vocal quartet of Tbilisi conservatoire and Nino Ananiashvili’s ballet troupe will work on group The Shins’ new project. Additionally, famous foreign sessional musicians will be invited specially for this project: Spanish musician (flute and sax) Jorge Pardo who, together with Pako de Lucia and Chick Corea has worked on several projects; main composer of the modern Turkish music- Ilyas Mirzaiev who has arranged all the music compositions of this project; Latvian conductor and oboist Normunds Sne who has worked on a few projects with Joe Zawinul.

Except sessional musicians, main voice engineer- German Achim Huber and Choreographer- Macedonian Alexandra Evtimova are invited specially for this project. Project’s music conception and engagement of invited artists of various countries emphasize the diversity and scale of this project that is kind of an expression of dialogue of cultures.

The Shins’ new album will consist of 12 music compositions. Studio recordings will start on the 12th of April in the Bravo Records’ studio and will last a month. Meanwhile, musicians’ image will be worked and album’s design conception will be formed.

Project’s supporters:

Tbilisi’s Cultural Events Centre;

Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection;

Record Label Bravo Records


Projects’ presenter- Nataxtari

Projects’ sponsor – Beeline

Projects’ sponsor – Caparol

Radio support:

Ar Daidardo



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