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Bravo Records is completing working on Samory Balde’s and DJ Grotask’s debut album (video)

The first season winner of Georgian Dancing with the stars Samory Balde is completing to work on his debut album at Bravo Records. TV series Dancing with the stars brought a big fame and people’s love to the young creator. Project’s supporter Bank – Republic, Societe  Generale Group took Samorys main interest- music, into consideration and presented the most desirable thing to him- financing the first CD album. Samory is currently working on album at Bravo Records and will complete it in a few days.

Bravo Records has worked on hip-hop album for the first time and the entire team co-worked with great interest and zeal. The conception of CD album’s design is based on everyday lifestyle of the group members, in which their style and points of view are evident. There are ten tracks in the album, and all of them are performed on Georgian language. Samory and DJ Grotask are composing the songs together. Arrangement and song lyrics also belong to them. Mixing and mastering: George Gvarjaladze.

Samory Balde and his childhood friend – Gocha Khukhuni are the followers of hip-hop subculture since their early age. Hip-hop is their lifestyle. Duet’s name is – Old Resource where MC and Producer is Samory and MC and DJ is Gocha, with the nickname Grotask. Worth to mention is the fact that none of them has got the music education.

The group is using the technologies and methods that were used in the so called Golden Era (1980-90) of hip-hop. That’s why the group’s name is Old Resource. Dj Grotask is the only scratch DJ in Georgia. He doesn’t use the digital effects. He manages to create such effects through the sound on the vinyl tapes. The content of the most important part – song lyrics, describes the youth problems, their inner world, inculcation of their points of view in the society, often expresses protest against existing reality, and because of that the philosophy and meaning of the song lyrics is the most important in this music direction and represents a contemporary young Georgian poetry.

The purpose of the group’s first album HIP-HOP (hip -reasonable, hop- movement) is to inculcate and develop the hip-hop culture in Georgia. This subculture consists four key stylistic elements: MC-ing/rapping, DJ-ing/scratching, break dancing, and graffiti writing. The album is dedicated as to the followers of hip-hop subculture and enthusiasts, and also to those who find this urban subculture relatively new.

“Since our early age hip-hop has become one of the best and, nowadays, the main ways to express ourselves. We believe that hip-hops basic function is to erase a racial and class borders between us, and that actually was originally the main aim of it…” – Group Old Resource The albums presentation will be held at the club Senate on Friday, at 22:00 on the 21st of December. The tickets will be sold in the box-offices of Senate. CD album will be sold from the 21st of December through the distributive network of Bravo Records. Anyone who wishes will have a possibility to acquire the album at the 350 commercial objects in Georgia (literature cafes, Biblus network shops, press cabins, shop – Guru, souvenirs shops on the Rustaveli Av. and so on).


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