December 23, 2015 tatakr

Bravo Records Completed Recording of Debut CD Album of TSU Art

Bravo Records completed recording of TSU Art debut CD album. TSU Art was created in 2011 based on Tbilisi State University. The band uses unique handmade instruments and creates experimental-electronic music. This is innovative and original music with unique sound and arrangement. It can be said that such music is the breakthrough in the musical world. Lasha Lortkipanidze -percussion, Ilia Chumburidze – percussion, Irakli Goderdzishvili – percussion, Datuna Dgebuadze – guitar and Atuka Edisherashvili – DJ/Producer – A2K are the members of the band. CD album includes 11 compositions, including two covers of well-known hits. Soloists Mariko Ebralidze and Megi Mukeria have been working together with the band on the CD. Recorded, mixed and mastered by George Gvarjaladze. Presentation of the album is also planned in the near future.


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