April 25, 2023 tatakr

The single of Nini Shermadini, Georgian singer living in America, recorded at Bravo Records is leading the American radio charts (video)

The song of Georgian singer Nini Shermadini who now lives in America, was recorded at Bravo Records in 2018. The single is called I Will Take You Home and it has been leading the American radio Radio Freedom which covers Miami and the states of Florida. Songremains as their favorite single as it got a second place with the participation of American residents. 

We would like to congratulate Nini on this huge success and wish her more results like this. Let us remind you that the single was recorded at Bravo Records in 2018, Nini Shermadini herself is the author of the music and songwriting is by Jaba Butskhrikidze. Musical arrangement was done by Boriko Shkhiani, professional arranger of Bravo Records.


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