June 14, 2012 tatakr

Georgian Paralympic Athletes’ supportive social project’s presentation at Bravo Records (video)

On the 14th of June Bravo Records, Ministry of Sports and Youth and the Paralympic Committee of Georgia presented to society and media the Georgian sportsmen’s supportive project at the London 2012 Paralympic Games. This is an unprecedented event. Such a project hasn’t been carried out in Georgia so far. The project’s goal is to support the Georgian Paralympic athletes and physically disabled sportsmen and motivate them, popularize the Paralympic movement among disabled youth, increase their motivation, interest them in sports and involve in the Paralympic movement, also integrate the disabled people to the society. Georgian Paralympic Committee has been existing since the 90s but the Paralympic movement has started to develop since 2006.

Georgian delegation first participated at the 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games.

One athlete Iago Gorgodze who came out in the name of Georgia took part in the weightlifting field and took the 8th place in Beijing. At 2012 London Paralympic Games Georgian delegation will supposedly be presented by two athletes – Shota Omarashvili (weightlifting) and Nika Tvauri (swimming).

Project’s authors decided to involve Nini Badurashvili in the Paralympic movement because she’s beloved and popular among people, youth listens to her music and involving Nini in the Paralympic project will be the guarantee that the society will notice and support this event. At the 2012 London Paralympic Games Nini Badurashvili will be Georgia’s national Paralympic team’s official supporter. For this social project Nini specially composed a song to support the Paralympic athletes. The author of lyric is Bibi Kvachadze. A music video will be shot over this song. A subject of the video will be the achievements of both Georgian and world Paralympic athletes. A documentary footage and photo material will be used. Nini will also take part in the various events planned by the Georgia’s Paralympic committee.


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