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Band Gamouvali Mdgomareoba is working to publish a new CD album (video)

The Georgian alternative music band, Gamouvali Mdgomareoba is a music band assembled by Irakli Khurtsilava (actor – Vaniko Tarkhnishvili) – a character of the most popular Georgian soap opera My Wife’s Friends aired on Rustavi2 TV since 2012. The band has its raising popularity from the very first song recorded and aired in the serial – there was a demand for a live concert and a year after, the band emerged on the stage performing the covers of the most popular Georgian hits of 1970-1980-1990-ies. The band found its unique, special sound; its lyrics are very much distinguished; the repertoire also includes new songs composed by the band.

The band’s popularity is quite countable – 105,000 likes on facebook. Their hit Fall has 1,5 million reaches on internet and over five million visits on

The band consists of Vaniko Tarkhnishvili – vocal, Davit Gabunia – vocal, Papuna Zhamierashvili – drums, Oto Khmaladze – keys, Giorgi Gobejishvili – bass, Shota Darakhvelidze – guitar, Giorgi Gabrielashvili – trumphet.

This is the first CD album of the band and its conception was inspired by the Coca-Cola global commercial campaign – Kiss Happiness. The commercial was the main idea for the first song in the CD album The First Kiss and the whole album as well. This is the campaign dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Coca-Cola contour bottle and it aims at expressing the feeling of happiness caused by drinking Coca Cola- the feeling as if you are kissing someone you like or love or just want to show to dear and close people your respect and sympathy. The members of the band think that this is the feeling that people really lack in Georgia today.

Along with this song the CD album also includes new, premiere covers of six Georgian hits and three remakes of well-known old hits.

The ceremony of signing autographs for fans and a presentation concert of the CD album will be held in May.


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