July 6, 2013 tatakr

Band Eldrines’ concert for soldiers (video)

Band Eldrine published a first CD album that is dedicated to Afghanistan ISAF mission participants – Georgia’s and other countries’ soldiers.

Album’s studio recording and publishing took place in Bravo Records. Band Eldrine is distinguished in the Georgian music industry by the social subjects of songs, high performing style and exquisite repertoire. This album- Till The End- is their first CD album and is dedicated to the anti-terrorism subject. The compositions in the album are group members’ long-time thought-out and work. It includes 12 music compositions in English. The authors of the songs’ music and lyrics are group members themselves. During working on the album, they constantly met Afghanistan war veterans and after consults and conversations with them, they created a repertoire for their first album.

In the nearest future group’s outdoor tour in Afghanistan is being planned, where they present the stated album as a concert, before ISAF mission participants – Georgia’s and other countries’ soldiers.


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საქართველო, თბილისი

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