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The First Solo Concert of the Group – The Groove (video)

On the 8th of March, Bravo Records presented a completely new music group The Groove. The group is among those musician-performers which got the attention of Bravo Records music producers. The Groove was created in 2012 and unites 7 young musicians. English repertoire of various genres is created by one of the members of the group Giorgi Vakhtangishvili (rhythm guitar).

Working on the group’s debut album in the Bravo Records lasted a couple of months and will be completed soon. Concert preparations are in progress. Debut album MEDITATE consists of two discs. There are twelve music compositions on the first CD, and an opening single of album – Run, Forrest, Run music video is on the second one (director of the video – Basa Fotskhishvili).

On the 8th of March, Assembly Hall of Tbilisi State University hosted the presentation solo concert of the group’s debut album. Group performed all the songs of the album. Also, during the concert, audience had a possibility to see a full process of working on the project through mini video movies.

At the end of the concert, a so called signing party was held, where invited guests had a possibility to acquire group’s debut album, which was signed in the hall by the group members. Memorable photos were also taken.

Group members:

Vocals: Ani Kekua and Giorgi Mefisashvili (Mefisa);

Rhythm guitar and composer: Giorgi Vakhtangishvili;

Solo guitar: Giorgi Gafrindashvili;

Bass Guitar: Levan Mikaberidze (Machvi);

Drum: Giorgi Gvantseladze;

Keyboard: Papuna Sharikadze.

Since the 8th of March anyone will have a possibility to acquire group’s debut album in the music shops of entire Georgia. Group performs in various clubs, for example: BED LOUNGE and URBAN.

Supporter of the project: club BED LOUNGE


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