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Group Sukhie recorded a single for their new album at Bravo Records

In 2013, on the 7th and 8th of December, in the Bravo Records studio, group – Sukhie recorded the single named –  Pribav Basi for their new album. On the 6th of December, with the support and initiative of the company Socar and Bravo Records, this group and Frani gave the conjoint charity concert in Tbilisi Event Hall. Total sum that was brought by the sold tickets was given to the disabled children’s day center First Step Georgia.

Group was founded in Moscow, 2010. It has five members and they are the authors of their music and lyrics. Their first album, named Sukhie, was published in 2012. Group’s songs are loved and popular in and out of Russia. The song Tango was rotated on one of New-York’s popular radios. Group’s songs are used as soundtracks for many Russian movies. In summer 2013, their live concert was aired live by TV-company Dojhdz.

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მის: კოსტავას 68
საზოგადოებრივი მაუწყებლის მე-2 შენობა
საქართველო, თბილისი

ტელ: +995 32 2409340
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