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Tamta Tskhvitava’s first concert was held on December 23rd (video)

On December 23rd, Tamta Tskhvitava’s first concert was held with a full house at the Royal District Theater. The concert was the presentation of the singer’s debut album Beginning. At the concert, Tamta performed 12 songs included in the album with Bravo Band and Bravo Symphony Orchestra. 8 Georgian, among them 7 are the songs written especially for her and one is Inola Gurgulia’s song, also covers of 4 foreign songs. All songs on the album are copyrighted.

The participants of the concert were the same  musicians who were invited to record Tamta’s debut album: Dini Virsaladze, Gigi Vander, Georgian Voices, Vaja Mania, Mariko Ebralidze, Zura Mosiava, Chabuka Amiranashvili, Irina Mirianashvili, Levan Kemularia, Suliko Ghaghashvili, Saba Chikhladze and Lasha Topuria. Tamta Tskhvitava’s first concert was broadcast live, via internet,  on Caucasus Online of  the project partner. The concert lasted almost 2 hours.

Each song was preceded by mini-movies. The songwriters, producers, singers, musicians participating in the project and Tamta herself recounted the stories of the creation of each song, there were documentaries from the recordings, video footage of Tamta changing her image, assessments and wishes of famous people. The invited guests expressed their admiration with loud applause at the end of each song. Tamta Tskhvitava is really a novelty in Georgian show business, her concert was held accordingly with a non-standard, original scenario.

The stage was lit by candles and chandeliers, which created quite a cozy atmosphere and made the interior of the Royal District Theater even more interesting.

Tamta Tskhvitava’s album Beginning was handed to the invited guests and at the end of the concert they had the opportunity to get Tamta Tskhvitava’s autograph.


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