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Sophie Villy recorded three songs for her new album – DRESS at Bravo Records (video)

Georgian singer Sophie Villy (Sopho Khutsishvili), who’s got her singing career in Ukraine, has recorded three songs for her new album – Dress in Bravo Records. She’s the singer, composer, and author of her own repertoire music and lyrics. The album will be released in February 2014.

Sophie recorded her first album – Mother Fish in Bravo Records. Album consisted of 11 songs and was dedicated to her mother.

Sophie started playing the piano when she was five, and since 10 she got fascinated with playing the guitar. She’s been writing her own songs since 14 years of her age. Since 18 she’s been making her career in Kiev- at the beginning she played in a group – Back Stage that was created by herself. After the group was disbanded, Sophie’s been continuing her career with solo concerts.


მის: კოსტავას 68
საზოგადოებრივი მაუწყებლის მე-2 შენობა
საქართველო, თბილისი

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